Tuesday, December 8, 2015


As I think back on first Saturday I realize all the events of the day were proscribed by the need to pick up our VW from our mechanic's shop......let me recapitulate.....

.....we left our car with our mechanic last Thursday morning to investigate a fuse that kept blowing.....since that point we had been basically without a car.  I know...I know....we had access to our son-in-law's truck, but I really prefer not to drive other people's cars as I am not familiar with them, so we were kind of house bound.  Nevertheless, Monday was the day to pick up the car so we left the house around 1000 hours heading first for Rancho Cucamonga and my son's office to leave some stuff in our storage area in his warehouse, and to pick up our new 'business cards'......yes, finally after 4 years on the road we have a business card to give to those interested in knowing who we are, and how to contact us.......

.....we ordered them from 'Vista Print' several weeks ago, but forgot about them when we went to pick up our mail when we first got back into town.  We had seen their adds on TV for months now, and I finally pulled the trigger and went to their website to design a card, and within 15 minutes it was done and ordered......the results are above.....we think they came out great!  The picture on the back of our card of our Newell and trailer is courtesy of Steven Dempsey......he took this picture while we were at Goosenecks State Park this past April.  We spent about 30 minutes talking with Chris and Cynthia (our grand daughter who now works in my son's office), then Rochelle (our daughter-in-law) who showed up just as we arrived.

From there we headed over to Joel's Automotive to retrieve the Beetle about 1100 hours.....as it turns out whatever was causing the fuse to blow would not duplicate itself again.  After we dropped it off last Thursday they replaced the blown fuse and drove the car 4 different times over 3 days running the A/C, the cruise control and anything else that might be on that circuit and the fuse held.  This is what I love about Joel's Automotive......they are honest.  I thought there was something really wrong, and they could have told me anything and I would have believed it and paid to have 'it' fixed.  When nothing is wrong, or it something quite inexpensive they tell me.....that is why I have been doing business with them for 20 years now.

Once we had the car back in our possession we headed directly over to 'The Hat', which is just a half block from Joel's, for another Hot Pastrami Dip sandwich........

.......this time we both ordered a sandwich with the intent to eat half there, and save the other half for a later meal.  We also ordered some of their onion rings which are wonderful, too.  As we sat there savoring our early lunch we decided since we now had transportation again we would go to the movies......there is this movie theater in Moreno Valley (Regal Towngate 8) that shows recently released movies that are on their second time around the circuit.....the price Monday through Saturday is $2.50 per person, and on Sunday's it is $1.50 per person.  A movie we had not had time to see was the second installment of the 'Maze Runner' called 'The Scorch Trials'.  We enjoyed the first installment of this trilogy, and when we found out the second installment had been re-released we decided first Saturday was the day to see it.  The first showing of the day was too early (1230) so we decided to see the second showing at 1520 hours.

I've always had a fascination with post-apocalyptic stories so I really enjoyed the first movie.....after seeing the second installment I was even more impressed....I actually like the second movie better than the first.  Now, I know not everyone is into the post-apocalyptic theme, but if you are and haven't seen either movie yet give them a try.

We were home by 1800 hours watching the MNF game between the Cowboys and Redskins....it was an awful game, but as can be the case when two bad teams meet up it was a battle of field goals, and with just a few minutes to go it was 9-9 and then each team scored a touchdown with Dallas kicking the game winning field goal with seconds left.

Tuesday we will be up early and on our way south to Yuma....thanks for stopping by!

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