Wednesday, December 2, 2015

"Hole in one"

In an effort to develop some consistency TLE and I took another walk Tuesday.....this time we walked all the way to the Mt. Rubidoux Road bridge.....about 1.65 miles away for a total round trip walk of 3.3 miles.  We arrived back at the coach just before 1100 hours, and were on our way to Rancho Cucamonga  to pick up some mail at our son's office, do some shopping at the local Goodwill (one of our favorites), then to lunch at Rubio's.

All went well until we left my son's office on our way over to the Goodwill......we both noticed the ride of the car was rough, so when we stopped just a couple of blocks later in the parking lot at Goodwill I checked out the left front tire and found it was completely long it had been flat I do not know.  With low profile tires it is difficult at times to know the tire has gone flat.  Fortunately we have a good spare (VW provides a full size spare tire....not one of those tiny 'donut' spares), so we got out the jack and the spare and quickly changed the tire before going into the store.  The plan was to shop, go to lunch, then head over to the local 'America's Tire Store' down by Ontario Mills to get the flat repaired.

We both found a few things we couldn't live without.....for me two Under Armor t-shirts, and for TLE a couple of dresses.....I don't think we have ever visited this store and not bought something.  Another bonus to this Goodwill is they give a senior discount every day of the week.  Then it was off to Rubio's for a plate of their 'Original Fish Tacos'.

Our next stop was Home Depot and on our way into their parking lot we spied a new tire store (Ramona Tire) which was not there last year, so that just simplified our task....we dropped the car off  to have the flat fixed, and walked across the parking lot to Home Depot to pick up some spray paint for two of my 'TO DO' list jobs (repaint the engine bays, and repaint the trailer tongue), then over to Autozone for some more fuses.....while we were at Autozone we got a call from the tire store advising the flat tire was not repairable as it had been run flat too far.....the inside of the tire was damaged, which was not surprising since I did not know how long it had been flat.  So a simple tire repair had now become a tire replacement.....uggghhh!  I thought we would need to replace both front tires, but the service guy said is was not necessary......he just put the new tire on the rear along with the right front tire, and rotated the two rear tires to the front.  All told we got out for $121 including the tire, spin balance, disposal fee, and rotation fees. 

The interesting thing for me was I did not get all stressed out about the flat tire like I usually have in the past when it comes to the unexpected.....I just took care of business and let the chips fall where they may.  When TLE notices something like that and comments on it I take notice.

The down side to the tire episode was we did not begin our return trip to Riverside until close to 1500 hours meaning we were hitting the beginning of the local 'rush hour', and add to that an oil tanker fire on I-15 south of SR 60 and it takes you close to an hour to drive 20 miles, and that is something I have not outgrown......bad traffic still stresses me

So, another day in the books.......Wednesday we will reposition the coach to its normal position in front of the trailer now that the large tree has been trimmed....with any luck I'll knock 2, or 3 more items off the 'TO DO' list Wednesday, too.

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