Thursday, December 3, 2015


We started off Wednesday getting ready to reposition the coach in our daughter's backyard.....originally we had to park in the rear of the yard next to our trailer instead of in front of the trailer so the large tree on the east side of the property could be trimmed, and I wrote about that here.  We could have moved a week ago, but I had other fish to fry and I knew it would take a couple of hours not just to move the coach, but to put down the awning mat, redeploy the awnings, hook up the electric, water and sewer once again, etc.  Plus I wanted to wait for a warm day so when I finished I could move right on to cleaning the radiator, which would have been warmed up by running it for about 15 minutes while we moved, and kept warmer by the outside temps getting close to 80 degrees.  The warmer it is the easier it is to degrease it.

So around 0900 we got to it......stowed the awnings, disconnected the electrical, the water and the sewer and moved.......

...we were done by 0945, and then I got everything reconnected, raked the area in front of coach entry door, and put down the awning mat.  Then while TLE got ready to go to lunch with some former workaday friends I began pulling out the stuff we keep in the engine bays, which includes the compressor, portable fire place, oil, coolant, etc., so I could do the annual pressure washing of the radiator.  Over the course of a year a lot of gunk can begin to clog up the radiator and cause the engine to begin running hotter.  I began to notice the operating temps creeping up on our trip home from Spokane to the point when we were on our last leg from Ventura to Riverside it was running a good 10 degrees hotter than normal.  Cleaning the radiator was on my 'TO DO' list going back almost a month as that is what I do once a year when we back to our home base.  

I had hoped to apply some new gray Rustoleum paint to the engine bay 'floor' as I was noticing rust coming back.  The last time I painted the engine bays was when we were just 2 months into our new nomadic life, so it is long overdue.   Unfortunately it took me much longer to clean the radiator than I expected, and by the time I was finished around 1500 hours it was getting late, and the engine bays would not be dry enough to apply the paint, so that would have to wait until Thursday.  Nevertheless, I was able to cross one more thing off my 'TO DO' list.

Rust in the passenger side engine bay

Rust in the driver side engine bay

While I had out the pressure washer I applied some Simple Green degreaser to the trailer tongue to clean it in preparation for repainting, also, and then continued to clean the exterior of the trailer, and the rear drive wheels on the coach.

By the time I was finishing up, and putting stuff away TLE returned from her luncheon.  I needed to use some special industrial hand cleaner to get the grease off my my forearms, my elbows, and upper arms......I was covered with grease......only my hands were clean because I was wearing a pair of my black latex shop gloves.  

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  1. Crossing things off a to do list, always nice...I know Tom always enjoys the satisfaction.

    Celebrating the Dance

  2. Making a list creates an accountability for me....helps to motivate me.

  3. Making a list creates an accountability for me....helps to motivate me.


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