Friday, December 11, 2015

TLE's Thoughts On RV'ing - Part One

Anyone who has read the blog for a while knows what we have been doing for the past 4 years but I thought I would take some time to give you my thoughts. When Clarke and I first talked of traveling after retirement I thought, "cool!"  Then reality started to set in ---- how are we going to do this?  We spent a lot of time by our "sticks and bricks" outdoor fireplace going over the logistics. Clarke had been reading travel blogs and getting ideas and we started putting together our plan. 

You should always have a plan. If you are going to RV full time you need to decide what to do with your house.  Keep it, sell it, rent it?  By the time we were ready to travel we were renting our house to a couple of our kids and their friends. Full lease signed by all parties!  This year, though, we decided to go ahead and sell the house. The kids were moving on with their own plans and we don't want to rent to just anyone. 

The 'old' homestead

Next up was deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. (Our RVwas already purchased and you can read Clarke's blog on that.). So we started getting rid of "stuff" the last couple of years before retirement. As it turned out we still kept too much. After having been on the road for two years we went through what we had in storage and whittled down more. 

Then we went on the road. At first I was a little nervous of where we were going and staying but I soon found that there was no need to be overly concerned. If we stayed in a 'big box store' parking lot we checked it out on the Internet.  I also used google earth to check out parking lots, gas station accessibility and RV parks. We also use word of mouth. Once on the road we have met up with other nomads and now have a really nice network of full and part time RV'ers whom we consult with, and even travel with. Out extended family has become a really surprising upside to our nomadic life.  

Stay tuned for part two.....TLE

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