Monday, December 21, 2015

Day of rest.....

It seems that Sundays are becoming a day to vegetate for us......once again we did nothing productive the entire day.  I watched NFL football all day, and into the evening.  It was not a good day for teams for which I was rooting.......the Giants came back from a 35-7 deficit only to lose on a last second field goal.  The Broncos came from ahead to lose by 7 to Pittsburgh.  On the other hand the Cardinals beat the Eagles handily 40-17, and the Seahawks also won easily 30-17 over the Browns.

So there you have it.....the summation of my entire Sunday in just one paragraph.  Is that all I have? Well, I did list another 12 bike items on eBay, so I've got about 10 more to go.  When I get the last 10 in Monday it will mean potentially I will have close to 42 items to package up and ship early next week.  Hopefully they won't all sell the first time around.

On another note we are changing up our New Years plans......last year we stayed in town (Riverside), but this year we are planning to head out to the low desert area near Octotillo Wells/Anza Borrego to meet up with family and friends.  We'll make up the rest of our time away from Riverside as we go.  We also found out that our daughter Kate's baby is definitely going to be a's now 100% sure.

Yup, I guess that is just about it......this is about as shallow as it gets, right?

Thanks for stopping by!

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