Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Boxing Day....

The downside to selling 40+ items on eBay in one week is the day comes when you must put all that stuff in boxes, apply postage and get them to the Post Office, and Monday, for me, was that day.  In my mind I had dedicated the entire day, if need be, to this endeavor hoping it would not take that long.  TLE graciously 'cleared the decks' for me in the kitchen and salon area so I could spread my operation out and pound out the packing.  I started around 0930 and finished just after 1230......now that did not include the packing of the frame, the suspension fork, or the wheelsets as I still needed to acquire the appropriate boxes.

Once I was done packing up the eBay stuff TLE and I got dressed and headed into Rancho Cucamonga to drop off some stuff at my son's office where he allows us to store stuff we don't want to get rid of just yet, drop off my packages at the Post Office just across the street from his office, drop off some clothing donations at the Goodwill just a couple blocks away (TLE even donated about 20 paperback books....that's the first time I've seen books leave the Newell in quite a while), and then visit one of my favorite bike shops (Cyclery USA) where they always have the boxes I need.  All that took the better part of 90 minutes, and then we were on our way back home with a stop at the local Costco thrown in for good measure......we needed to stock up on coffee beans for boondocking over the next few weeks, and get something to eat.....it was now after 1430 and I hadn't had lunch yet.  Costco has these 'ballpark dogs' for $1.50 each, which includes a drink......killer deal!

As walked out of Costco we became aware immediately that it was raining.....wait, what?  There was no forecast of rain!  But raining it was, and it continued into the early evening.  

Of course being it was Monday, it was MNF night which pitted the Cincinnati Bengals against the Denver Broncos in Denver.....two good teams, and hopefully a good game.  There were really two games in one....the first half was essentially almost all Bengals....Denver only had the ball for just a few minutes out of the first 30, but managed to go into half time down only 14-3.  The second half was essentially all Broncos and the regulation time expired with the scored tied 17-17.  Denver won in OT 20-17 on a snap fumble by the Bengal Quarterback.  A very exciting game that even had TLE cheering along with moi at the end....that is rare.

Tuesday will be spent getting ready to roll our wheels Wednesday morning.....thanks for stopping by!

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