Saturday, December 12, 2015


Friday just kind of evolved into an amazing day......I know, you might think every day is amazing when you are retired, and a nomad, right?  It's a reasonable assumption.......well, let me illustrate what I mean by rained on and off starting Thursday night around 2200 hours, and continuing on and off all night long....then we awoke to mostly sunny skies with a breeze.....nothing like waking up from time to time and hearing rain on your aluminum roof....NOTHING!

After finishing the blog I began the process of reinstalling the driver side door panel on the Beetle, and within 30 minutes it was all back looks on to the passenger side door panel!

....and there were no parts leftover!

By the time I finished with the door panel installation it was time to take a bike ride......since it was pretty blustery, and quite cool I dressed up pretty warmly and headed out.  Initially I was going to push for 15 miles, but with the wind coming out of the west making it a headwind for me, and with rain coming fast I decided to keep it to 10 miles hoping I would return home dry.  I wish I had taken some pictures from the top of Mt. Rubidoux of the dark threatening sky, but I did get this one just after I arrived back home......

.....oh yeah, it's going to rain......and it did.....fortunately I only got hit with an occasional stray rain drop on my ride.

Just after finishing my 10.25 mile ride TLE presented me with a steak sandwich made from the leftover filet mignon from the night before....while I was eating this delicious sandwich I suggested to TLE that we run over to the Regal Theater in the Riverside Plaza to see 'Spectre', the latest James Bond movie (Daniel Craig).  They recently remodeled this theater adding power leather recliners.  We first saw a movie last winter when we were in Sparks at the local Galaxy theater that had these same types of recliners.  Just as the Galaxy did, when you purchase your ticket you also reserve a specific seat in the theater.....we reserved E5 and is TLE in E6.....

.......this current James Bond installment is one of my favorite James Bonds ever.....just slightly below my favorite one, 'Sky Fall'.  If you are a fan of the James Bond franchise you will like this one, too.

As we left the theater with smiles on our faces TLE suggested we cross the street to order some 'take out' from Pick Up Stix, a Chinese food franchise.....see, I told you....Friday just got better and better!

We were home by 1830 enjoying our 'take out', and catching up on a few recorded series ('Elementary', Bones....2 episodes, and Gold Rush....2 episodes).  Around 1900 hours our daughter, Kate, got an e-mail from her realtor advising they had received a 'full value' offer on the house.....wait, what?  Like I said.......Friday evolved into an amazing day!

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