Saturday, December 12, 2015

TLE's Thoughts On RVing - Part Two

Our philosophy became, "we are not on vacation we are living."  We don't always see every attraction at every place we go to -- it would be tiring for one thing!  We also know that life happens and we don't always go where we initially plan. Plans need to be adaptable to needs such as children getting married, children having babies and doctor appointments. We have taken part time jobs on occasion to take certain costs out of our budget such as new tires. 

Over the last four years I have readjusted kitchen and wardrobe choices, and adapted to how we eat now and where we go. Adding more winter wear since we don't always have 70 degree weather and changing out pans I never used.  Adding utensils I thought I didn't need and getting rid of some duplicates I thought I wanted. I know this will continue to change as we continue to live in our coach. There are many blogs out there about RV travel but one of the best I can recommend is Technomadia. They have been traveling and working on the road for many years and have so much information that we have found very useful. 

For me the best part of our life on the road has become spending time with Clarke. After spending 40 years working and raising a family I am having the time of  my life traveling and spending time with my best friend and husband. 

South Padre Island.....just a few weeks into our new life

So if you want to travel even part time have a plan and then put it into motion!  

See you down the road. TLE

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