Sunday, December 6, 2015


Saturday started out like most days until we received a text from our daughter, Katie, around 0830 advising a photographer from their realtor would be coming around 1000 to photograph the house in preparation for listing it for sale next week......this is the exciting news I alluded to a couple of wees ago here.  Nick and Katie will be putting their house here in Riverside up for sale, and when the sale goes through they will buy our home in Ontario, which we will have owned for 30 years this coming April.  So, the Hockwald homestead will remain in the family for a few more decades.

At any rate TLE and I got busy getting the backyard staged, which involved setting up the outdoor firepit again, doing a little raking, cleaning the 'glider', and power washing the yard furniture......ultimately my duties extended into the front yard where I power washed some spilled paint off the sidewalk left over from the fence painting episode last weekend.

We were all done by 1130 and sat relaxing for an hour or so while the photographer did his thing.......the relaxing evolved into an early evening fire with friends of Katie and Nick coming and going all evening......below we are sitting with Crystal and Anthony (to my left), Katie and Nick......we've known Crystal since 7th grade when she and Katie were involved in Junior High Drill Team.

All the while, of course, NCAA college football was playing in the background on the outdoor TV.....there were a number of conference championship games on including the Stanford vs. USC PAC-12 conference title game ultimately won by Stanford 41-22.  The only upset of the night was Michigan State (#5) defeating Iowa (#4).  We hope Stanford will be able to leap frog Michigan State into the #4 spot and be, therefore, in the National Championship playoff series.

That was our Saturday........another day lived well.....thanks for stopping by!

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