Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Hockwald Way.......the REDO

Sometimes I get lazy and take the easy path hoping that the easy path will get the desired result.......on rare occasions it does, but most of the time taking the easy path means you have to redo something.  When I was installing the new water pressure regulator Sunday I used teflon tape on all the threaded connections and after applying water pressure had one small leak right at the city water connection (outside the water bay).  I decided at the time to let it sit over night and check in the morning to see if it was still leaking......when I checked Monday morning not only was the original leak still there, but three more had appeared.  Dang!  So, reluctantly, I decided to disconnect the city water, and take it all apart, remove all remnants of the teflon tape, apply 'pipe dope' to all the threaded connections, and then reassemble the whole 'kit and kaboodle'.  That redo took about 2 hours, but in the end that is what I should have done in the beginning.......and.....and....there are zero leaks now!  I am sure I will learn my lesson one of these days, but for now the 'beat goes on'.

The rest of the day I spent doing odds and ends......I washed the car (whenever we park on the street in front of my daughter's home the birds in the trees do their best to make a mess of the Beetle), I tuned up TLE's bike hoping she will take a ride with me, I continued to organize the trailer for our long term stay here in Riverside getting out more and more stuff that I will be using to finish checking items off my 'TO DO' list.

Around 1400 hours TLE and decided to take a walk down Mission Inn Ave. to Tio's Tacos and back.....it is exactly 1 mile each way.  We managed to resist the temptation to stop in for a beer and tacos.  While it has been getting into the high 30's at night the day time temperatures are quite pleasant, and I was reminded of just how pleasant as we took our walk wearing shorts, t-shirts and sandals.  

This week's MNF game was between two horrible teams.....the Ravens (3-7) and the Browns (2-8).........but ended up being a surprisingly interesting game with a totally shocking ending.....the Browns entered the last two minutes tied with the Ravens and had lined up with less than a minute to go to kick the winning field goal.  Then the unexpected happened.....the Ravens blocked the field goal attempt, recovered it and ran it back for a touchdown......a "kick six" if you will.....to win the game in a most unexpected reversal of fortunes.

On a final note, I have officially switched our Sirrius/XM radio station to the Christmas music station......I love Christmas music, and love hearing it for the four weeks leading up to Christmas.....so between the radio in the trailer and the one inside the coach the sounds of Christmas music were wafting around our backyard encampment all afternoon.

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  1. Our Sirius/XM is also set to fill our truck with Christmas Music. As of December 1st we push the button and leave 60's on 6 for the month...well most of the time. Inside the Crusader Christmas CD's play. Enjoy the Christmas Season.

    Celebrating the Dance


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